shane892015-11-03 18:40:39
shane89, 2015-11-03 18:40:39

Angular js test?

Good evening. We decided to write a test for the university, which consists of 2 rounds. 1 is a test of 25 questions, 2 is written. Interested in writing tests. How can I implement, 30 seconds are given for one question, if I didn’t have time, then the next question is not a problem. The problem is how to implement the storage of tests and answers on the server, in terms of security, so that students do not have any access to other questions until they answer this question. We decided to use Angular. Is it possible to implement this project in Angular? There will be an authorization of the team, the whole test will be on 1 page, after the test is completed, close access to this team or simply display a message about when the 2nd round starts.

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Denis Ineshin, 2015-11-03

Of course, this can be done on Angular, but in general it can be done on anything. The main rule is to store and check all information about the state of the test and the stages passed only on the server. Even the correspondence of the response time can be checked on the server, since the Date object can be hacked on the client)

Yaroslav Lyzlov, 2015-11-03

Make a simple login. Send all the information to the server (the test has started -> answered | did not have time to answer) and, depending on this, already give access to the following tasks, everything should be resolved on the server.
You can implement anything.

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