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Angular How to make a nested object into an object?

Good day to all!
I recently started learning Angular, so don't swear if this seems like a noob question.
I don't understand how to implement the following.
There is a request.ts class:

export class Request {
  id: number;
  date_create: string;
  user_id: number;
  status: number;
  message: string;

The object is pulled from the mock:
import { Request } from './request';

export const REQUESTS: Request[] = [
  { id: 11, date_create: '11-11-2017', user_id: 2, status: 1, message: 'Новое сообщение' }

How to make it so that instead of a number at status , a string expression is substituted.
For example, in the requests.component.ts component I add:
statuses = [
       				{id: 0, name: "Отправлена"},
       				{id: 1, name: "На рассмотрении"},
      				{id: 2, name: "Принята"},
       				{id: 3, name: "Отклонена"}

How to match when outputting to a template?
How to build the architecture for getting and displaying information from the database in Angular with nested objects?

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Sergey Epifanov, 2018-03-14

define statusesas an enum structure

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