sherayzin2018-10-21 21:59:56
sherayzin, 2018-10-21 21:59:56

Angular development on ubuntu server? Or an alternative?

Good day to all! An understanding of the possibility of developing directly on the server (VPS hosting) is required.
I must say right away that I just started learning Angular.
How to fundamentally solve the following problem:
there is a VPS with an installed web server and websites running on it (on standard ports). It is required to build on one of the domains in the SPA subfolder on angular (on the same ports). The application will work on REST_API with another service. Based on this, I would like not to publish the application after each change from the local computer to this folder (for example , https://mydomain.ru/spa/).
That is directly on ftp to edit application files.
Angular itself, as I understand it, can be installed on a server and node.js via npm. But I don’t understand how to launch the application at https://mydomain.ru/spa/ .
In the application itself, the content changes without reloading. Maybe I'm overcomplicating and angular is not needed here. Maybe then there are alternative libraries (or frameworks)?

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Vladimir, 2018-10-21

And what's stopping you from locally developing and uploading the finished one?
Angular itself does not need to be installed on the server, you need to upload the assembled project to the server, well, or set up the assembler immediately upload via ssh

sherayzin, 2018-10-22

The problem is that the application pulls restapi, which gives the result to a specific domain name via https. Therefore, you can check and debug the program only there on the server, and manually re-upload every time this is such a solution.
About the collector - thanks, I'll try to solve the problem with it. In general, it’s fundamentally impossible to put Angular on the server? I just don't understand how people work on the same project then? by git?
maybe after all there is an alternative to angular then, to fill in the project as a library and work?

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