illialytvynov2015-02-27 00:47:59
illialytvynov, 2015-02-27 00:47:59

AngularJs for regular sites - portfolio, business cards, etc. worth using or not??

Hello. Who cares what they think about this? Would a self-written cms on angularjs + nodeJs be a better choice than a ready-made cms like wordpress or joomla for a business card/portfolio site?

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Konstantin Kitmanov, 2015-02-27

Business cards, portfolios and stores need indexing by search engines. With angular, it's not that impossible, but very crutch. Look towards Backbone + (React|Ractive).

Timur Shemsedinov, 2015-02-27

A word of caution about Angular, experience says that the level of problems created is greater than the benefits of using it. Read more here habrahabr.ru/post/246905

Sergeyj, 2015-02-27

Of course I would choose my bike, but this is me.

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