levkoi2022-04-22 00:57:01
levkoi, 2022-04-22 00:57:01

Android. The mobile keyboard opens and scrolls to the top with any click, how to fix it?

The mobile keyboard opens and scrolls up with almost any click on interactive elements - on the owl-carousel arrows, when going to the product page and back, when zooming in on thumbnails (magnificPopup). It is not entirely clear whether it is always, but sometimes when you go to another page, for example, a product, and then back to the main page, everything works fine, when you reload everything all over again.
The IM is based on the Zioxo theme, seems to be a problem because it has been observed on several sites where it has been used.
On iOS there is no problem.
There was an attempt to catch the click, remember the scrollTop and temporarily set overflowY = "hidden", partially helps, but this is a crutch, but I would like to understand what could be the reason for this behavior in order to eliminate it. There are some thoughts
OpenCart, if important,

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