VerTox2013-04-28 14:10:04
VerTox, 2013-04-28 14:10:04

Alarm clock based on calendar events?

Maybe I'm looking bad of course, but I did not find anything worthwhile. I wanted to set an alarm clock according to my work schedule, but I have it 3/3, i.e. the standard alarm clock does not fit. I came across the fact that in the Google calendar, where I created the work schedule, there are only a letter and a pop-up window from the notifications, they do not fit accordingly. Are there such applications at all?

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isden, 2013-04-28

In the Google calendar, did it still seem to have SMS notifications?

Izobara, 2013-04-28

The pop-up window is accompanied by sound. It seems to me that you can just put the melody on longer, and it will be almost an alarm clock.

VerTox, 2013-04-28

(missed the thread)

isden, 2013-04-28

(missed with a branch, sorry)

drfragg, 2017-10-18

The app is clearly up to the task.

technomozg, 2021-09-20

I was also looking for this subject. And I found, it seems to me, the best program of all presented -
Calendar Event Reminder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sk.m...
The application immediately pulled up all the events from the Google calendar, which were created in advance from a computer, and turned them into alarm clocks. Isn't this a holiday! )

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