Andrey Grigorash2016-04-07 01:27:13
Andrey Grigorash, 2016-04-07 01:27:13

Ajax submitting multiple forms?

There is a tab panel of 5 tabs with 5 forms. It is necessary to scrape all the data on all forms and send it to the server. How to organize data collection.
$('.send').submit(e) {
type: this.method,
data: $(this).serialize(),
success: function() { /*success*/ },
error: function() { /*submit error*/ },
} );
Tried to set all one class. Yes the data from each form come it is possible to tell.
The first form comes, I go to the second tab, enter the data - I send it and the first data is no longer saved, but new ones came and the tab jumped to the first one. How to fix please tell me.

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Stalker_RED, 2016-04-07

You can flip it so that all the "tabs" are inside the same form.
Or collect data with javascript (using .serialize() , for example), and then send everything at once.

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