alh_22016-08-12 19:27:09
alh_2, 2016-08-12 19:27:09

Ajax returns the same requests with php, how to fix?

I have created a script on js that sends a fail.php request to the server using ajax (the page does not reload) and gives a response, in php itself there is a code that should give ajax a new response every time, but this does not happen, it turns out the same same. To avoid this, you have to reload the entire page. How to solve it?

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Alexey Yarkov, 2016-08-12

Read about caching. Well, show me the code.

nelolka, 2016-08-13

Use POST or send headers to the browser that prohibit caching. If you request with a timestamp or a random number regularly, then the user's cache will become clogged.

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