dentxt2018-11-12 16:56:24
dentxt, 2018-11-12 16:56:24

AJAX response with HTML code in Yii2?

In yii2 - newbie and first problem.
I implement a simple ajax search - on the keyup event, a request is made to the controller-> BD and then in the controller in a loop, I write data to HTML tags that I store in one variable, like $response.=''
Then I return this variable and insert it into the desired block on site.
Everything works, except for the Modal::begin(); widget;
I can't write the modal code to a variable and that's the problem. Not all HTML is displayed, but only the button of the modal window.
I understand that this is the most crooked implementation, but there is really little experience in this framework.

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Dmitry Bay, 2018-11-12

Specifically in your case

echo 'contnetn';

$out .= ob_get_clean();

or add a view and write your code there. But all this is wrong. But teach! 1) Json response. 2) renderAjax() 3) renderPartial()

Maxim Lagoysky, 2018-11-12

In your Action that processes ajax, return the desired view , just don't forget to create this view, and in ajax in response, catch this html and paste it where you need it, if very briefly)

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