rusline2017-01-07 19:24:57
rusline, 2017-01-07 19:24:57

Ajax request not working when filtering a table?

I can’t understand why the ajax request doesn’t work, everything seems to be working, but it can’t display the data and how to make it so that when you click anywhere on the site, the data is displayed.
I haven't learned ajax so it's hard for me to understand what's what. It’s better to write some code so that I roughly understand where to insert
And I won’t write all the code, since it will turn out to be too much code, I’ll throw off the zip file on the site

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ThunderCat, 2017-01-07
@ThunderCat Куратор тега PHP

Спасибо, посмеялся )
"У меня ничего не работает, кусок кода который я не понимая вставил очень большой, и что бы вас не напрягать - ВОТ АРХИВ САЙТА ЦЕЛИКОМ"

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