Alexander Osadchy2020-08-12 14:39:43
Alexander Osadchy, 2020-08-12 14:39:43

Ajax + Posts filter + Load more - Is there such a plugin for WP?


4 days I tried to collect the post filter + the "Show more" button .. but a number of problems arose
1. The button for loading posts sometimes displays posts twice
2. If I filtered, then the button instead of loading from the selected categories, loads from all categories
3. Need a link - that is, I filtered .. uploaded - and the link in the browser should be generated based on the filters

. All these problems are interconnected, and there is not enough own strength to solve them - hence the question, is there an approximate ready-made solution? (Didn't find it myself)

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Orkhan Hasanli, 2020-08-12

In this plugin, you can set your own template where you can filter posts.

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