lasthero2011-04-27 00:24:17
lasthero, 2011-04-27 00:24:17

Ajax not working in io 6, 7?

There is a script:

$(document).ready(function(){     <br>
                             url: '../test.php',             <br>
                             dataType : "html",  <br>
                             cache: false,                               <br>
                             type : "POST",<br>
                             data: "links=all",<br>
                             success: function (data) { <br>
                                       $("#tb_name").attr("style", "display:block");<br>
                             error:function(xhr, status, errorThrown) { <br>
                                  alert(errorThrown+'\n'+status+'\n'+xhr.statusText); <br>
                   }, 10000);          <br>

Everything ok works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Explorer 8 and 9 versions. In donkeys 6 and 7, when it returns the result, then with $('#tb_name').empty().html(data); ($('#tb_name') - table) it clears the table but doesn't add new ones, which returned.
Already installed different features like $("#tb_name").attr("style", "display:block"); and header("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8"); so that everything returns in the desired encoding, but it does not plow the dog.
What could be the problem?

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galaxy, 2011-04-27

In IE (I don't know exactly what the versions are) you can't edit the innerHTML of tables: support.microsoft.com/kb/239832

lasthero, 2011-04-27

"display: block" can be ignored, I forgot to delete it.
All tags are closed. Example .

alexbeep, 2011-04-27

Maybe try moving $ to the very end of body first and run it with some kind of timeout? In IE 6 and 7 everything is very bad with $(document).ready and with $(window).load - somehow it shoots out of place

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