Meliborn2011-11-19 01:24:58
Meliborn, 2011-11-19 01:24:58

Ajax multiupload with preview?

I’ve been looking for half a day, I haven’t found anything suitable

  1. multiupload
  2. jQuery
  3. preview
  4. (preferably) no flash
  5. (preferably) with a limit on the number of files

The picture very well captures the essence of what is needed:


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avalak, 2011-11-19

jQuery File Upload Demo

@phgrey, 2011-11-19

Agile file uploader is awesome. I incorporated it with pleasure. (does not satisfy item 4 Additionally, it can compress images)
uploadify 3.0 - in my opinion, there is no flash there anymore (or rather, you can switch to html5)
I didn’t bring pleasure from embedding)) )

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