Dmitry2017-07-19 14:23:40
Dmitry, 2017-07-19 14:23:40

AJAX indexing of web store pages?

good afternoon,

the question is similar to this one https://toster.ru/q/279187 but I want to analyze a few more points, and on a live example https://tennis.delivery/rackets

1. In the question above, the accepted answer implies using and escaped_fragment links , but they are no longer supported for almost 2 years (since October 2015).

Our programmer stuck this option, and immediately after indexing, the number of pages doubled, and pages with regular links (without escaped_fragment) began to be considered non-canonical. I removed the tag and banned the indexing of escaped_fragment through robots.txt, because in the source code for such perverted links, we still didn’t get anything, and the format itself was already depricated After that, the traffic failed:

2. The most reliable configuration of the page seems to me, in which the product cards are returned immediately upon the server's response (that is, they are in the source code of the page). What is the best way to do this? Hide JavaScript after page load?

How do you deal with AJAX content indexing? I really look forward to answers from people who directly encountered this, tested something, and not "a familiar SEO manager in a bar told"

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Andrey, 2017-07-20

In my opinion, making AJAX pages for an online store in this format is contraindicated.
I'm currently developing an online store in SPA format that requests data via an API and I take for granted the implementation of server rendering of ALL catalog pages. Without this, it is simply impossible to make a store in modern realities.
Moreover, ideally, it is necessary that even with javascript disabled, you can interact with the store: add products to the basket and place orders.
Server side rendering is now implemented in all major frameworks and there should be no problems with its implementation.
"the most reliable configuration of the page seems to be that the product cards are returned immediately when the server responds... Hide with JavaScript after the page is loaded?" - no need to hide anything, you need to use the markup rendered by the server.

Dimonchik, 2017-07-19

the basics - webmaster toools, see what the sitemap page looks like
the head that unrestrictedly rips off competitors (what keywords should Google give this https://tennis.delivery/rackets in your opinion?) if you
want traffic from SEO - adapt the site

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