Acko2017-12-12 16:19:50
Acko, 2017-12-12 16:19:50

Ajax feedback form correctness?

Understand whether it is possible to consider the correct operation of the ajax feedback form if, after sending the message, the entered values ​​​​remain in the form fields?

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Anton Spirin, 2017-12-12

Yes, but in a good way the form should be reset: or: On click submit , a progress spinner or other indicator of the submission process should appear and, as a result, either a notification about successful submission and reset, or an error without reset. Then the user will not worry that the data was not sent, or something went wrong. It is possible for forms with important data to quote the body of the case and contacts in the message about successful submission.

oh, 2017-12-12
well @AnneSmith

the correctness of ajax is determined not by the values ​​in the form, but by the successful receipt of these values ​​on the server
, and what you do with your form and data in the fields is purely your own business

Roman, 2017-12-12

Ideally, we do this:
* if the sent data is validated and the server response is "everything is OK" - we clear the fields \ selects \ checkboxes
* if incorrect data was sent (the email field does not contain an email, etc.) - we display information about the error and the fields are not cleared.
* third behavior: the form is open, the data has been entered, but the user has changed his mind about submitting the data Cancel\Close , in which case the form fields are cleared.

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