web-mechanic2016-06-20 17:43:20
web-mechanic, 2016-06-20 17:43:20

Ajax encoding, what's the problem?

The situation is the following.
Assembly ocStore, script prnt_scr.com/bip5je
Encoding utf-8 in the request prn_tscr.com/bip4yb
In the php script, bugs, all sorts of AddDefaultCharset, header(), explicit encoding in the ajax request do not help? mb_detect_encoding returns UTF-8.
Where to dig, who faced such a situation?

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stcmd04236, 2016-06-20

I don't know exactly what your problem is, but check the encoding of the php file.

Slava Vitrenko, 2016-06-20

Does the address bar confuse you or does the data come in gibberish?
Please describe exactly what is wrong.

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