Andrey Balin2015-05-08 13:47:38
Andrey Balin, 2015-05-08 13:47:38

Ajax cache in jquery - where is the logic here. Version 2?

The jQuery documentation says that the cach: option
, if set to false, will not cause the browser to cache the request. Other than that, this will add the string "_=[TIMESTAMP]" to the URL.
1. I.e. if cach is true, then the request will return data from the cache and not from the server (with the same input parameters)?
2. If, when returning a request, we get a page in which there are a lot of elements with the same background images, how best to cache these images?

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sim3x, 2015-05-08

0. cach e
1. +
2. If you do not change anything in the default settings of the server and client, then it will cache itself

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