Grockles2016-10-20 18:25:55
Grockles, 2016-10-20 18:25:55

Ajax and bootstrap-tour: how to make friends?

Good day :) There is such a lib: bootstraptour.com . There is a problem that steps based on dynamic elements simply do not bind to these elements. Sample code below:

this.tour = new Tour({
            backdrop: true,
            steps: [
                element: $('.ajaxLink:eq(1)'), // Этот уже существует на странице...
                title: "",
                content: "Кликните на </b>кнопку..</b>",
                element: $('.modal'), // Этот контейнер подключается динамически...
                title: "",
                content: "Кликните на </b>модалку..</b>",

          // /temp-container

How can you befriend them? Thanks in advance :)

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