Shah2016-11-22 14:19:25
Shah, 2016-11-22 14:19:25

Ajax add to cart button not working?

Help solve the problem.
After installing the Popup Cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin, the Add to Cart button stopped working. Removing this plugin did not solve the problem.
When you click on the "Add to Cart" button, nothing happens or the store page simply reloads.


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Igor Vorotnev, 2016-11-22

Your Ajax request returns a 503 error. This is a server error that says it can't serve your request at the moment. Look at the server logs / write to technical support.

Denis Petrovsky, 2016-11-25

He said everything correctly, But .. there is another option that there is a conflict of some plugins, but turn it off, leave everything on the current theme and voo .. if it doesn’t help, change the theme to the default

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