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Database design
thomas312, 2019-09-17 20:57:32

AIS accounting for electricity consumption in the production of compressed air?

The system is being created in the interests of the chief power engineer's service.
The purpose of creating AIS is to reduce by 10% electricity consumption for the
production of 1 m3 of compressed air due to the rapid response of
system users to changes in compressed air pressure and timely decision-making on
changing the mode of electricity consumption (turning on, turning off the compressor);
taking into account the main characterizing parameters of the consumed electricity
(power, electrical energy, specific consumption of electrical energy for the production
of 1 m3 of compressed air) both by individual compressors and in general by the compressor

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Armenian Radio, 2019-09-17

Um ... take the data from the power engineers and add it to the database. Surely they have some kind of BMRZ-type brains there, which take a bunch of electrical parameters. What is the question?
Savings of 10% can be achieved without hanging additional accounting boxes, but
1) Replacing loose belts on compressors
2) Defecting CPG compressors or whatever you have there
3) Replacing leaky pipes, hoses, valves, fittings
4) Checking the calibration of pressure switches

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