Serezha2019-03-12 21:28:48
Serezha, 2019-03-12 21:28:48

AirPrint via L3 mikrotik vlan?

Good afternoon everyone! The situation is as follows: the printer is connected to the same network with a cord. Mobile device in another Each 24th subnet is a separate vlan, but traffic between them is not prohibited. How to make AirPrint work from another vlan (subnet)?. I understand that vlan's cut broadcasts, but for example airplay works without problems. One of the problems is that AirPrint has ttl=1, which means that this packet cannot have routing. Has anyone done an increase in the ttl of AirPrint packets on mikrotik? Or maybe there are some other ways to transfer packets through the l3 level?

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Serezha, 2019-03-29

The issue was resolved very simply and quickly. I put Raspberry pi on the network
And connected it with two interfaces (wired and wireless) to those VLANs through which AirPrint was required, then installed avahi
sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon avahi-utils
And corrected the
sudo nano /etc/avahi/avahi config -daemon.conf
Found the line
And changed it to
enable-reflector=yes Restarted the
raspberry pi
That's it

CHolfield, 2019-03-12

How does airplay work through a router? Someone deceived you, the airplay also works within the same subnet. You won’t do it, these technologies are designed for the fact that all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi and communicate over the air. The word Air, as it were, should hint.

Dmitry, 2019-03-12

Add a virtual or physical linux host to your network (even lightweight distributions like openwrt will do), add the required number of network interfaces to it (vlan trunk is also suitable) by the number of subnets, connect the host to all subnets, install and configure Avahi

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