sllugovskih2020-11-03 19:40:32
sllugovskih, 2020-11-03 19:40:32

Airpods 2 windows 10 why does the sound disappear?

Tell me who came across, I connect airpods 2 via blue-tooth to windows 10. Up to the bluetooth transmitter in the system unit, a maximum distance of 40 cm. The sound sometimes disappears or stutters and is treated for a short time by switching from one output device to another in the windows mixer. Tried to update the drivers, other headphones work without problems. Maybe some specific settings are needed or installing another driver?

Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)


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Whnot, 2022-02-21

This is due to WIFI points, how exactly is not yet clear. If there is a modem distributing WIFI nearby, the sound starts to float ... There must be a fix at the hardware level, or a newer version of the bluetooth.

Fedor231, 2020-11-03

Good evening, try to change the adapter to a higher version of bluetooth.

Alscorp, 2020-12-04

Same problem on Win 10. Mostly when watching Youtube videos. The sound disappears, but immediately resumes if, for example, you pause the video and start it again. Someone faced? There is a solution?

lobanov_mikh, 2021-01-06

Good afternoon, I had the same problem, enabling spatial sound (Windows Sonic) and Bass Boost in Enchancements in the device settings (headphone properties) and Bass Boost in Enchancements helped me (I don’t know what specifically helped), but after that the headphones stopped “peeling off” and the sound disappeared.

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