Oleg Dyachenko2014-06-10 20:33:43
Oleg Dyachenko, 2014-06-10 20:33:43

Announcement of new Apple products?

Hello everyone.
A year and a half ago, approximately, I bought a macbook air, which is middle 2012. A month and a half later, a new macbook air came out on a Haswell processor, which is better in everything, but also worth it.
Oops... It wasn't very pleasant. It is clear that in my city he appeared in another month and a half, but nevertheless.
I have not decided yet, but perhaps in the near future I want to take a new air, but I would not want to punish either.
Tell me, please, knowledgeable people, when they have an announcement there, until what date is it better not to buy anything?
And what is expected of them?
Thanks in advance

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Eugene Burmakin, 2014-06-10

Software is shown at the beginning of summer, hardware - in autumn, as far as I know - in September. Be patient until the New Year, there it will certainly become known what Apples will present :)

smanioso, 2014-06-10


Denis Ineshin, 2014-06-10

The entire line of airs was updated recently, on April 29th. The update was small .
So the next air update is not coming soon.
At the level of rumors, there is infa that Apple may release Air '12 with a retina screen. But this is a rumor. And don't wait until the end of the year.

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