meow2562014-03-29 22:17:05
meow256, 2014-03-29 22:17:05

Airplay mirroring, is it a working technology?

Tell me, how does airplay work for anyone? The fact is that I come almost close to the router with an iPad / iPhone / MacBook, but there are still lags when mirroring (or long video buffering) On a MacBook (macbook pro retina 2012), if you turn on the video from youtube, there are noticeable lags ...
Ps 300Mbit mode and mimo support are enabled in the router, and the latest generation apple tv is connected by twisted pair cable to the router.

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Vadim Kyssa, 2014-03-30

It works great for me overall. Slowdowns appear when I turn on the torrent client, and a serious distribution begins (that is, the channel is clogged). Wi-Fi is distributed through TimeCapsule.

Artur Safin, 2014-04-27

It's most likely a router issue. It works adequately for me in 2 cases: a) wi-fi distributes mac, b) both mac and apple tv on the cord, but this is no longer airplay =) with third-party routers everything lags

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