Alex Komarov2021-06-17 05:02:43
Alex Komarov, 2021-06-17 05:02:43

Airing hp z2100 printheads?

Hello!! Please help!! In general, the z2100 printer, the original cartridges, somehow aired 2 heads, mileage of 500 ml, 2018 heads, got weighed and 50 grams each. They put the cleaning started, a lot of broken nozzles appeared on the 3rd head, a total of 3 heads for replacement immediately. If the printer does not work, then turn it on every couple of days to clean it. Lately the electricity has been switched off and on at night. I do not know what to do,? 3 heads for replacement, why then buy original cartridges if they don’t hold heads? Where to look, how to dig? It was also before the new year, but there was the head of 2011!! And the mileage is almost 2 liters

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