Sergey Nizhny Novgorod2014-07-05 17:49:29
Sergey Nizhny Novgorod, 2014-07-05 17:49:29

Air program on windows phone, will it work?

We use one solution that works with adobe air, this is a program for PC. The question is, is it possible to put the same program on windows phone? I just do not understand the features of WP.

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ad1Dima, 2014-07-05

Adobe air does not support Windows phone.

The Adobe AIR runtime allows developers to build native apps and games from the same code for Windows and Mac OS desktops, as well as iOS and Android devices, accessing more than a billion desktops and mobile app stores for more than 500 million devices.

Yaroslav Kornilov, 2014-07-09

No, they are different platforms.

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