Rufix2021-10-19 13:13:42
Rufix, 2021-10-19 13:13:42

Air M1 8/256 - enough for Frontend development?

Hello, I will describe the situation:
I work in the office, at home I have a PC for which I spend my free time at home. But there is a problem with hardware, if I need to go somewhere, I’m thinking about laptops accordingly.
Since I need a "temporary solution", I'm thinking about the most budget versions - Air M1 8/256.

The question arises, will this spec be enough for the full-fledged work of the Front? (I usually raise a Vue project + maybe not a bold Nodovsky backing, Webstorm (1-2 projects), browser + figma). I don’t have the habit of keeping 100+ tabs open, I always turn off my computers when I finish work (this is to the fact that I usually don’t load the operative).

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Ronald McDonald, 2021-10-19

Quite enough. Macbooks have a very good memory management system.

d-sem, 2021-10-19

Enough for the minimum.
In practice, it will quickly start to infuriate shrinking and it is better to look towards 16gb RAM. The difference in price between 8 and 16 GB in the light of current salaries in development is not worth the nerves and squeezes.
If in numbers, then I have on the pro version with running browsers (chrome and mozilla, 3-4 tabs), 2 non-fat projects phpstorm, slack, telegram - memory consumption is 8GB.
As soon as I start working and deploying environments (I'm a php developer), additional programs - 16gb immediately ends.

Drno, 2021-10-19

Better 16GB
Or ud table to home computer from any calculator)

Aetae, 2021-10-19

8GB is definitely not enough. 16gb - back to back. And then thanks to Vue, the react eats much more.)
But in general, even with 16GB you can live, but with 32GB+ you can already increase the default memory allocation for Webstorm and Node and it will become really nice to work. Well, at least for a couple more years.)
In general, the solution is quite simple: set an alarm for yourself in the middle of the working day, when it rings - see how much memory is being used right now, during active work and dance from that. Rest assured that a lower number guarantees you inconvenience, even if it seems that you could "make room" by chopping off this or that.

lamer350, 2021-10-20

There are already a lot of topics, read real reviews of developers on specialized forums and find out all the pain of IDE + figma on 8GB ram, here only theoretic grandfathers will tell you that everyone is hurt, but they don’t even know what figma is. Figma REBOOTS from lack of memory, crashes with an inscription that there is not enough memory.

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