BeArty2022-03-19 10:28:42
BeArty, 2022-03-19 10:28:42

Air m1 16/512 or Pro 14" M1Pro 16/512 for development?

I'm going to take a macbook for developing ios + android (flutter) and web (python) mobile applications. Considering only the appearance, I definitely like the Air, but I'm afraid that I will miscalculate in terms of power.

There is a difference in price, but what if it’s worth adding it and taking a more powerful device?

Which one do you recommend to take?

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Dmitry Bay, 2022-03-19

Items that are in different answers from the end of 2020. I have a macbook from the strata of their sale. My wife has air at the minimum.
1) Air m1 will do it.
2) If you take air m1, then the cheapest package is (8.7) / 8 / (256/512). Of course, there is a difference between 8 and 16 operatives, but not so significant. I would even advise used. take, in front of all the relatives, we took the minimum air for 70K rubles. see next paragraph.
3) As soon as you choose a full-fledged processor 88, 16 and 512 memory - the difference in cost between m1 macbook pro is almost leveled. And you will have a question, what do you really want to buy? I took a macbook mq pro 13". But now they are out of sale, but you can always find new ones or little used ones.
4) I don’t consider 14 ". I moved to mine from the 15 inch generation until 2015. And I still work with an external monitor. Therefore, I don’t look at 14", and the next plan was to take exactly 16 "M1 pro.

Roman Alexandrovich, 2022-03-19

Androyd thing is very prozherlivaya. Therefore, it is better to take the maximum power.

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