DocSands2019-07-09 22:04:54
IT education
DocSands, 2019-07-09 22:04:54

air defense. Programming languages ​​c++ and c#. Which faculty?

Tell me please. I want to get a higher education in the field of IT. There is a need for knowledge of the C++ and C# programming languages, because Unity and UE4 are built on them. In the future, I want to work in the gaming industry. Faced the problem of choosing a faculty: "Applied Informatics", "Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems", "Information Systems and Technologies", "Computer Science and Computer Engineering". Where is more emphasis on programming the above mentioned languages. I saw the program of one of the universities: 2 and 3 options are mixed there in subjects and, both there and there, 1C. But they assure that in the 3rd option the slope is exactly where I want, but according to the program I would not say so ...

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Moskus, 2019-07-09

No one except the administration of a particular university will be able to give you an exact answer to this question, because literally in all universities the programs of faculties with the same names differ, plus - there can be several completely different specialties in one faculty.

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