KnightForce2020-06-13 21:01:38
KnightForce, 2020-06-13 21:01:38

Air 2020 i3 for simple tasks?

Should I take the cheapest Air 2020 with i3 1.1 GHz for surfing, office tasks and, perhaps someday, something to do with music, but this is not certain.

If not, is the Air 2020 with i5 better, or the weakest firmware of 2020 is better, since the price is the same?

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Denis Ineshin, 2020-06-13

The point is. Any MacBook should be bought for 5-7 years. This is a really good and reliable device.
But in order for it to really last so much and pay for itself, you need to take a good configuration (preferably the maximum one).

lamer350, 2020-06-14

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed in him, although I advised everyone. In tests, it is very good, better than a macbook pro with 8th generation processors and older. But in reality, it’s complete crap, I haven’t seen such crap from epl yet :(
The macbook lags terribly from the battery, the animation in the launchpad sags very much, there’s not even a hint of smoothness ... I strongly recommend testing any macbook with the charger turned off before buying!

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