Umid2017-01-12 02:24:43
Machine learning
Umid, 2017-01-12 02:24:43

AI without frameworks from scratch?

I heard the opinion that AI development is only for PhDs.
After reading several articles, I realized that there are only frameworks everywhere.
The question arose, how big should the knowledge base be in order to build a neural network from scratch?
Maybe I don't understand?

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Alexander, 2017-01-12

the problem is that it is necessary to formulate mathematically or algorithmically what AI is. A neural network is not AI, but it can be a special case of some AI function and, accordingly, be called that, which is a big simplification.
so I have a suggestion - formulate the problem first. but not in a philosophical sense, but in a practical one. for example, I want to make a neural network that will distinguish a dog from a cat. and then you can move on.
and frameworks just allow you not to write bicycles.

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