Mavivinn2021-09-12 14:30:41
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Mavivinn, 2021-09-12 14:30:41

AI with the function Parsing web site data?

There is an idea for a web application (or mobile) - a generator of the most suitable trip.
The essence of the application:
- the user enters the parameters of interest to him (location, budget, number of people, the time he is interested in, etc.)
- the application analyzes the entered parameters, as a result returns the most suitable variant of the country, hotel, where you can book a place, entertainment, which will be interesting to visit ...
So, the question is how best to organize the analysis of parameters and the search for this best option

I have an option to use the knowledge base to analyze the parameters (from the category if it is a warm country, then the search is carried out in countries with a warm climate, and the like), after that, the network is searched, AI parses the sites and finds the most suitable hotel and vacation .

Has anyone created something similar? or is there a good article on this topic? appropriate literature?

Any help is welcome) I will encounter AI for the first time, but there is a lot of time and desire to figure it out)

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Ivan Shumov, 2021-09-12

There is nothing complicated and no AI is needed. Countries are limited. You can do a simple parameterized search in the country database with parameters, or just make a matrix in general. It is more difficult with hotels - you need to get access to the API of aggregators and sign an agreement with them

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