KiTiger2016-02-24 15:40:20
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KiTiger, 2016-02-24 15:40:20

AI, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition - where to start and what to strive for?

Good day!
AI, Computer vision, Speech recognition -
1. where to start learning (books, lectures, etc.)?
2. what to strive for?
3. how to become a pro in this?
PS I know that all this is very hard, but other industries do not attract me.

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Zaur Ashurbekov, 2016-02-24

In short, I also recently began to study this. I will share the main findings.
Video course on machine learning from the Yandex school Video
course on computer vision at the VMK MSU
OpenCV step by step is good for practicing computer vision, they teach you how to work with the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library in C ++.
The courses themselves already tell you where to go next.
And if you know English, I recommend - Stanford course , only there registration is until February 27, you need to hurry.

Dimonchik, 2016-02-24

start by fully mastering www.pyimagesearch.com

beduin01, 2016-02-24

Look at the source of a thread of a simple recognition system like this one https://github.com/ljubobratovicrelja/dcv

Garfield, 2016-02-25

What to strive for. well, probably to the recognition of obscene vocabulary, but IMHO in this area the computer is not a competitor for a person for a long time)

GraphiteLeader, 2016-02-25

Are there any proposals in Russia in these areas now?

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