Roman Anistratenko2015-01-08 23:32:46
Roman Anistratenko, 2015-01-08 23:32:46

AI: c++ or python?

Hello, I am a third year student. As a nirs, I plan to try to develop ids / ips with heuristic functionality, that is, some kind of AI for making decisions in computer networks. There is a question about the choice of programming language: Python or C ++?

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GavriKos, 2015-01-09

I would recommend Python. It has wonderful syntactic sugar. You will write code, not catch memory leaks. If you need to make a face to the application - either http or wxPython.

Sergey, 2015-01-08

Take a python with c ++, get bogged down in trifles and get a couple :)

mamkaololosha, 2015-01-08

software and hardware for intrusion detection and prevention
At our universities, students themselves come up with research and development work, check for relevance, write documentation and code themselves? Look carefully. Bankrupt half the IBM and Oracle of your coursework. That's interesting. Our students either write sites for term papers, or killers of the world's IT giants.
It is better to write such term papers during internships in any Kaspersky or Parallels. At least you will solve a specific problem, and not

if guest in allowedList :

Mikhail Potanin, 2015-02-20

Isn't there a third one?
C++ is only worth picking up if you don't have enough memory or you need high performance and runtime predictability. And that's worth thinking about.
But you can find a bunch of languages ​​​​better than python.

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