Davilkus Games2021-11-24 14:30:55
Davilkus Games, 2021-11-24 14:30:55

AI and stairs. Unity NavMesh. Ways?

I need the bots to crawl up the vertical stairs in the game. At the moment, everything works like this:

1) the bot looks for a path from the player to the goal
2) the bot looks for a path to:
1. From itself to the beginning of the ladder
2. From the end of the ladder to the goal
(For each ladder)
3) the bot compares the paths and finds the optimal one , not considering the length of the stairs.

Can it be done differently? For example - is there such a function in NavMesh? Thank you

PS I'm not satisfied with the way. if there are a lot of stairs and bots, it will hit the optimization, the sequence of stairs is not taken into account

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freeExec, 2021-11-24

Isn't that it - https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/nav-CreateOffMeshL...

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