leonix2012-12-05 12:12:56
leonix, 2012-12-05 12:12:56

Agile planner for personal planning?

Please suggest an application or an online service for planning your personal affairs and projects in the spirit of agile. Interested in a solution that will help achieve your goals, with a convenient and simple interface, preferably with an application for iOS / MacOS.

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ioooosh, 2012-12-05

Maybe gtd will do itunes.apple.com/us/app/wunderlist/id406644151?mt=8 somewhere close to agile if we count projects as sprints.

alekslitvinenk, 2012-12-05

Personally, I really like podio.com

alekslitvinenk, 2012-12-05


ks_ks, 2012-12-06

MB Any.DO will do - there is synchronization with the google chrome extension and gmail - from where it is more convenient to start tasks.

gleb_kudr, 2012-12-07

Can be individually deployed for free, you can pay for it in the cloud. Unfortunately, there are very limited opportunities in the cloud for free.
For me personally, it's very convenient. I use it at home as a personal tracker.

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