Andrew2015-01-21 18:27:47
Andrew, 2015-01-21 18:27:47

Agile and tools from Atlassian - where to go to study?

Actually a subject.
Now there is absolutely no free time for independent study of manuals.
Therefore, I am looking for a good course, preferably remote.

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Viktor Vsk, 2015-01-21

Already need courses to learn how to use Jira? О.о
Or, if the question is mainly in flexible methodologies, then formulate it that way.
It's just that "speaking correctly" is the first thing a manager needs to learn. Whatever the methodology

Gonchik Tsymzhitov, 2015-01-29

seems to offer, contact them, maybe they will tell you.

Andrey, 2015-01-21

I didn't specifically mention Jira. I'm talking about "tools from Atlassian".
These are different things.
Yuzem Beatbucket, Jira. But there is a clear understanding that we use a maximum of 30% percent.
Now we want to take Bamboo instead of Jenkins.
And we want to raise the correct and kosher HempDesk, and Jira Agile, upload project documentation to Confluence and much, much more.
And time is short.
Already need courses to learn how to use Jira? O.o - actually YES :)

Oleksandr Tugaev, 2015-02-20

if you are too lazy to deal with Jira, I advise Trello - it's easier there

Kirill Timofeev, 2015-04-28

Each of these systems carries a lot of customization options - plugins, self-written scripts in groovy, jython, js. Here we need knowledge not only on systems, but on the possibilities of its refinement. If there is no time to deal with it personally, then I advise you to hire a person to support these systems and give him the tasks of setting up, and he will already smoke mana.
You can also contact Teamlead for advice, which they provide for free.

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