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Google Chrome
Domini, 2012-12-30 00:31:51

Aggressive optimization of Chrome's consumption of computer resources

Hello everyone,

the task is to simultaneously run the maximum number of Chrome instances on one computer to work under ChromeDriver (Selenium WebDriver), while, by and large, only the HTML engine and JavaScript are in demand.

ChromeDriver can pass command-line switches for Chrome .

Advise which command-line switches have a positive effect on Chrome's consumption of computer resources?

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Domini, 2013-01-03

The following switches were hastily selected, listed below. I can’t describe the exact principle of selection - I just read the description, thought if it could consume resources, if I needed it, and turned it off. Maybe someone will come in handy as a starting point. A newly opened browser with an open page ip.yandex.ru (there is a flash there, which I also turned off) now consumes 75 MB and 2 processes instead of 165 MB and 4 processes.
'disable-desktop-notifications ',
'disable -ntp-other-sessions-menu',
'disable-webaudio ',

Rowdy Ro, 2012-12-30

Look at the arguments starting with --disable, though many of them disable some javascript functionality (file api, webgl, etc.).
The question is not very clear, because you did not specify which pages will open.
If, for example, you open a video or graphics (webgl), then you must enable support for GPU acceleration, otherwise chrome will start eating percents.

Rowdy Ro, 2012-12-30

In this case, only by the method of scientific poke.
Disable everything you don't need. offhand you need GPU and 2d canvas rendering via GPU, javascript and maybe background network - the rest is in disable.

rPman, 2012-12-30

The solution is more complicated - try to build an open chromium, on which Googlechrome is based, and there turn off everything that is available and not needed with options when compiling ... and with due diligence, cutting out pieces of the source code manually.

SvinkaBacilka, 2020-02-21

--headless - completely disables the GUI test scripts run in the background.

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