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Aggregation of Internet channels: to create a VM summation server on a PC?

Hello Khabrovites!
There is an article on Habré:
The real summation of Internet channels - OpenMPTCPRouter ” ( the parser does not allow you to insert a link, google it)
- which explains the scheme for aggregating Internet traffic from several Internet channels: not to collect Raspberry Pi? I googled and found an option - Oracle VM VirtualBox ( or something else ), that is, can I make a guest OS on my computer ( Linux? ) And roll the script from the article onto it? It turns out that you can make your own virtual machine (summing server), then you don’t have to rent a server and assemble a Raspberry Pi, but limit yourself to one computer? (
to save the budget )
Is it possible to implement such a scheme of mine? ↓
5e1eaa6017dec389221284.png(computer specs: Xeon 8 core\12 thread, 24 GB RAM)
One expert answered:
“you still need a point where the server part will collect streams through different channels. It must be a machine with a good channel and preferably a low ping - otherwise the performance of the whole solution will rest on it.
What do other experts think?
Please explain in more detail to a newbie (me) in this field, what is the problem with my implementation scheme?
What will cause my machine to have a bad channel and low ping?
Is renting a server the best solution?
Thanks to!

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Melkij, 2020-01-15

It turns out that you can make your own virtual machine (summarizing server)

MPTCP must be able to hosts and receiving and sending data.
On only one sender - the good old LARTC and multihome routing with their own limitations

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