mts20502017-09-10 13:28:05
mts2050, 2017-09-10 13:28:05

Agents on events in Bitrix 1C are not executed?

Agents stopped running on events in 1C Bitrix.
Tell me what logs you can see.

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Andrey Nikolaev, 2017-09-11

For starters:
1) Were agents running on hits or on cron? Maybe someone started moving agents to cron and didn't finish the transfer.
2) Are the constants defined: BX_CRONTAB_SUPPORT and BX_CRONTAB ? Maybe the agents were on hits and someone defined the constants and didn't transfer them to cron. Or vice versa defined constants, without parameters below.
3) What are the values ​​for agents_use_crontab and check_agents ?

Alexey Emelyanov, 2017-09-11

What does it mean

event agents
Skilled in view of the hits?

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