PavelScron2017-08-29 00:52:57
PavelScron, 2017-08-29 00:52:57

Agencies on upwork - what are the obligations if you joined?

Offer to join the agency. But immediately questions: what will my obligations to them be? Will I be able to leave at any time from them? Will my rating go down if the agency doesn't handle a job I was also working on?

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Nikita, 2017-08-29

You have a communication problem. You must ask these questions to the one who invites you. Arrange a phone call and ask these questions.
The main requirement: Ask the right questions in time and answer for the bazaar.
You can leave at any time if there is no active contract. The manager is responsible for the contracts.
Each person is given their order and their rating. However, there is also a group responsibility. If you screw up, then everyone will have a shitty rating on average. On the other hand, if you mow, but everything goes well, then this most likely will not be reflected.

Puma Thailand, 2017-08-29

There are no obligations
All obligations are only to customers

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