lesobrod2013-05-25 08:45:29
lesobrod, 2013-05-25 08:45:29

Age of users

Interestingly, is it possible to compile statistics on the ages of Habr users?
Of course those who registered the age in the profile.

PS It feels like I'm one of the most ancient (born in 1971)
I would like to suggest introducing some bonus cookies for the oldest and youngest hacked users.

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Andrey, 2013-05-25

A survey was recently conducted about ages: habrahabr.ru/post/175977/

TomasHuk, 2013-05-25

As for statistics, there was a poll recently . 15309 people voted, so the error is small. And at the expense of the oldest / fashion, I won’t tell you anything ...
PS I didn’t have time)

lesobrod, 2013-05-25

Thank you!
It’s a pity that I’m not supposed to have cookies ... Already a few hundred older ...

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