Oleg Frolov2020-04-27 17:39:27
Oleg Frolov, 2020-04-27 17:39:27

Again async/await, how to synchronously get the result of a query into a variable?

Please, help!
I can not overcome the asynchronous request to the nedb database.
How to get a list of entries into the res variable?

const Datastore = require('nedb-promises')
let datastore = Datastore.create('./database/test.db')

var res = (async () => {
await datastore
          console.log(docs) // здесь возвращает списк
          return docs
console.log(res) // здесь вместо списка Promise { <pending> }

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Lynn "Coffee Man", 2020-04-27

No way.
Not at all.
No, that won't work either.

McBernar, 2020-04-27

The last console.log will not wait for your async. Why should he do this?
But everything that is written inside async will wait for await.

Leo, 2020-04-29

Friend, you made a promise without a return. Put a return on an arrow function. Now the function does not return anything. But globally, the code section is so-so.
PS Inside then also does not have a return. Write return Promise.resolve(data) if you still need the console

Sn0oSm0oMrIK, 2020-04-29

In your example with python, the value is also displayed in async. Why does this not suit the node?

p1kaso, 2020-04-29

To work synchronously with asynchronous requests, use Promise.all, it should help in your case.

const Datastore = require('nedb-promises')
let datastore = Datastore.create('./database/test.db')


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