Nikolai Chuprik2018-03-10 10:58:14
Nikolai Chuprik, 2018-03-10 10:58:14

After using ThreeCSG, there is a problem with the texture. How to fix?

I use ThreeCSG to merge, subtract, intersect shapes. However, the resulting meshes have a strange moiré texture. I suspect something is wrong with the normals. As in the example on github, I then do this:
It seemed to me that everything should return to normal, but nothing happens. Here's what a straight cut looks like with a simple Lambert material:
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Alexander Pavlyuk, 2018-03-10

Texture has nothing to do with it, you have a topology problem. Check that all normals are in the same direction and that multiple triangles do not overlap.
Did you happen to use boolean multiple times in the same place?

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