iminby2018-01-22 14:34:57
iminby, 2018-01-22 14:34:57

After updating Wordpress, the drop-down menu does not work, and so on, the console swears at Jquery, how to fix it?

I install Wordpress, it is immediately updated to its latest version in the line, I put a theme ..
The drop-down menu, quick view, and so on do not work
In the error console in the browser, it says
jquery.migrate installed 4.1...

Next is a list of errors related to
jquery , one nonsense solution

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Kalombyr, 2018-01-22

Update the theme, fix the scripts, most likely they are for the old version of jQuery.
Or, when loading a theme, load the version of JQ with which you used to work - there are plugins, it seems, but this is a crutch, not a solution.

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