Alek Ivanov2016-02-28 15:27:44
Alek Ivanov, 2016-02-28 15:27:44

After updating ubuntu, wi-fi cannot get ip and mask, save or just reinstall?

Good afternoon!
actually the problem
Yesterday it was updated, rebooted and voila
ubuntu 15.10
wi-fi connects to only one network and is not assigned an ip and mask
It doesn’t even connect to other networks, motivating that it can’t get the ip address and mask
either through wicd or through networkManager
I ask for help because Google results did not give
I tried a lot, there is no result (
Thanks in advance
PS help save the system, reinstalling is not an option at all yet, there is no time (

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werw, 2016-02-28

Do other devices (a smartphone, for example) connect normally to the same Wi-Fi at the same time?

Sanes, 2016-02-28

Enter static data.

Kirill Ponomarev, 2016-02-28

Can you try connecting with a wire?

Meehalkoff, 2016-02-29

Replace with mint.

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