stonehange2019-02-05 15:26:47
Qt Creator
stonehange, 2019-02-05 15:26:47

After updating Qt Creator 4.8.1, the code editor does not see class methods. how to fix?

(binary tree code)
The essence of the problem - before updating by introducing

and pressing a dot, Qt converts the dot to an arrow -> and displays a list of mutex functions. Everything worked like that. But the code editor doesn't work that way anymore. After the update (whether it's amiss). How to fix? the screenshot shows that the points themselves do not want to be converted to -> as it was before and show the methods of the object. (in main(), if you access the Tree from the object created in main(), everything is shown and works as it should. There is not enough evil. What the hell is this. How to fix it)

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Ighor July, 2019-02-05

The difference is that newer versions of Qt Creator have the clang code model plugin enabled by default.
It can be disabled via the About Plugins.. menu, or you can get used to the new behavior of the editor.

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