Sergey2021-02-01 16:34:46
Sergey, 2021-02-01 16:34:46

After updating phpmyadmin on ubuntu 18.04, this appeared. How to fix?

Deprecation Notice in ./../../php/Twig/Extension/CoreExtension.php#1608 array_key_exists(): Using array_key_exists() on objects is deprecated. Use isset() or property_exists()


./../../../../../../tmp/twig/98/98a2b70fd2fec6c94fb2de93d4387a38d42918bd2e7ae2dd74a0bf7d699029cc.php#181: twig_get_attribute( , , , string 'comment', array, string 'any' true, boolean true, boolean false, integer 57, ) twig / 14 / 140225b86f5189b2b9c1b26a37abf9bba65e1dcb9b20e027b9135eecad021a35.php # 58: twig \ template-> displayBlock (string 'content', array, array,) template.php # 395: __TwigTemplate_7badaaa2db5c1f30a793cfcb95b4b2c96f218ed51fe37316cd3613e8aa1e5f76-> doDisplay (array, array,) template.php # 372: twig \Template->displayWithErrorHandling( array, array, ) ./../../../../../../tmp/twig/98/98a2b70fd2fec6c94fb2de93d4387a38d42918bd2e7ae2dd74a0bf7d699029cc.php#40: Twig \ Template-> display (array, array,) Template.php # 395: __TwigTemplate_56241df9bb9954dfa3c4d369ead822ae73f37182d48792d8630f7d47bc51f236-> doDisplay (array, array,) Template.php # 372: Twig \ Template ->displayWithErrorHandling( array, array, ) Template.php#380: Twig\Template->display(array) TemplateWrapper.php#45: Twig\Template->render( array, array, ) Template.php#134: Twig\ StructureController.php#382: PhpMyAdmin\Controllers\Table\StructureController->displayStructure( array , array, array, , array, array, ) tbl_structure.php#69: PhpMyAdmin\Controllers\Table\StructureController->indexAction()

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galaxy, 2021-02-01

Update phpmyadmin or remove deprecation notice for it:error_reporting = ~E_DEPRECATED

Sergey, 2021-02-01

The problem was solved by overwriting the files in the /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ folder from the downloaded archive from the site

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