yavoitkun2020-09-23 19:37:38
yavoitkun, 2020-09-23 19:37:38

After updating Microsoft Edge, the browser window does not load in Kiosk mode, how to fix it?

Hello, I ran into a problem on Windows 10 Pro 64 2004 build.

1. The requirement on the site has changed and it was necessary to update the browser. The site does not work on the old version.

2. Updated Microsoft Edge to 85.0.564.51 (Official build) (64-bit) version (on the chronium engine) before that it was Edge 44.19041.423.0

3. When I returned to the kiosk profile, I got eternal loading and a jerky screen saver instead of the browser window.
If you rollback, then everything will work as it was before the changes.

What was done:
The kiosk profile was recreated.
The system was reinstalled.
Tried different build versions of Windows 10.
Experiments on different PCs, laptops.

As a result, the same defect at the output.

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Alexander, 2020-09-23

I understand that since Edge is chosen and not some kind of chromium, there are very serious reasons for this and put something else - do not offer.
Obviously it is necessary to try intermediate versions. Any one will work.

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