Dima Samsonov2018-04-19 16:32:37
Dima Samsonov, 2018-04-19 16:32:37

After updating (META teg description) the description of the site does not change, how to solve the problem?

Good evening everyone.
ran into a problem.
uploaded the project to the hosting, and inside the META teg description wrote a multiple description for the test, so that there would be a brief description of the site when sending the site URL in social networks.
something like this.

some time later, I rewrote the text inside this tag. but for some reason, when sending the project as a link,
the description of the site has not changed, even after removing this tag from the project, this text still remains.
I cleared everything in the browser, but nothing helps =(
maybe someone faced such a problem?

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Ivan Ivanov, 2018-04-19

1) ctrl + f5
2) Flush cache on host side.
3) If the project was indexed by robots, then just wait until the robots re-index the page and the information is updated. To speed up, you can manually write in the sitemap (if you do not use any engine) the date of the last changes. Then the robot will know exactly where and when the changes were made.

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